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Reliable Auto Locksmith in Slough

Got any car lock problems - our Auto locksmith will be able to help you. We are a 24 hour service and ready to assist with any emergency and non emergency auto locksmith situation.

Auto Locksmith

Maybe you decided to go out for dinner with your partner and he needs to change the battery in the key for the car so he changes it and it seems to work ok, however you leave the restaurant and realise the key no longer works. All you need to do is give us a call and we will have one of our technicians come and either cut a new one or reprogram the old key.

auto locksmith Slough

We all know taking the children to the supermarket is just a nightmare and as you’re putting the shopping into the boot of the car and it can happen that you accidentally put the keys in the boot with the shopping and close it. We can send an engineer to come and retrieve the keys from the boot for you in a very short time so that it’s as less stressful as possible.